Last weekend we were thrilled to be part of Clare and Ffestyn William’s special day especially as we pulled off an amazing flashmob at the reception that went down like a dream.
The dance routine was peformed by all of Clare’s hens wearing masks of her new husband’s face- hilarious!
I must say the ladies all worked so hard to pull this off and all looked amazing, their timing and choreography was spot on.
throughout the night there were sneaky visits to the disabled toiled to squeeze in last minute practice and even coreography notes in clutch bags!…you have to love the dedication and it just goes to show how much they all wanted to make it special for the happy couple.
To pull this off the hens just one rehersal together as everyone lives far apart and obviously have their other committments, but we created a private Facebook page and we uploaded a step by step video of the routine for everyone to practice at home ready for the big day.
It was kept a secret…well for the most part ;) so when we took over the dancefloor in our masks everyone was shocked to say the least, the reactions were priceless and I don’t think anyone could actually believe what was happening…it was AMAZING!
We are so happy we pulled this off for you guys and thank you for letting us be such a big part of your special day, we wish you all the love, luck and happiness for your future together xXx


Getting your body back after having a baby!

After having our daughter a year ago we understand how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are in the throws of sleep deprivation with your little one…especially as our little one didn’t sleep for a year!!!
Although I stayed active and healthy through the whole of my pregnancy I ended up having an emergency c- section after a very long labour.
Although I tried to keep active after the operation I felt that I had lost all my core strength and that my fitness had gone down the pan, it’s surprising how quickly you loose it!
We definitely struggled over the first few months with the lack of sleep and adjusting to our new life as a little family but over time it did become easier and we managed to find time to include fitness back into our lives.
We started easy by taking walks as a family and after my 6 week check at the doctors and I’d had the all clear I reintroduced a workout routine at home. While our little girl napped I would roll out a mat, grab a few light weights and work out in my living room.
Having been quite fit before giving birth I really struggled with starting again from scratch, it was frustrating and I felt like I had such a long way to go to get my body back to how it used to be before and worried if it was even possible.
I had a noticeable “overhang” if you will above my caesarean scar and my stomach looked like someone else’s. It seamed almost impossible that I would ever have a “normal” looking stomach again and my confidence was shot but I had our beautiful baby girl keeping me busy and very happy.
Even though I had several blips along the way I knew that all I had to do was keep going and that eventually I would see the results I had been working so hard for.
I kept rolling that mat out whenever I had the chance and my husband Evan would also help me with mini personal training sessions in the living room with our baby right there- it was so much easier than going to the gym.
As my confidence grew I returned to teaching my classes and saw a difference within a few weeks of getting back to Zumba, my waist started to come back and my “overhang” was disappearing..yey!! Once I saw some change that was all the motivation I needed. I cleaned up my diet, took regular body composition tests to track my body fat percentage and made sure I committed that time each week to being active.
Now a year on I finally recognise my body as my own again, the “overhang” is gone, my skin has tightened and I have a waist back! I’m taking part in Tough Mudder in 5 weeks time which I keep calling Tough Mother and can now look back at how far I’ve come in a year and be proud of what I’ve achieved and hopefully show others that it’s possible too.
I’m not telling you it’s easy- it takes hard work and dedication but it is possible if you want it!
I didn’t do it in 3 months, it took me a whole year but I’m proud to say I’ve done it healthily, whilst breastfeeding and without compromising on enjoying my life as a new mum.
If you have just had a baby or feel you have never got your body back to how you wanted after childbirth please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any advice, I’d be more than happy to help.
The trick is to make it work for you, find a way that fitness can fit into your lifestyle and can be achievable.
To find out more about personal training home sessions or classes that you can bring your babies too get in touch via the contact us page and we’ll be more than happy to help!
It is possible and you can do it!!!

Comitting to your fitness goal

The difference between wanting to achieve your fitness goal and actually achieving it is simple…you just do it!
If you have a bad day, you still hit your training session hard, if not harder. If you’re feeling tired you fuel your body with healthy clean food instead of a junk food fix. You’re going out to dinner for a friends birthday, you can still order a healthy meal instead of using it as an excuse for a blowout.
If you find yourself always saying “I’d like to…” Try saying “I’m going to” for a change.
Make the decision to change and then do it!
Identify all your possible obstacles before you set out to achieve your goal and then come up with your solutions so you have no more excuses.
For example if you know you struggle with childcare and can’t make a certain class every week then don’t plan it in as part of your training diary- schedule something you can stick to every week no matter what. maybe a class you can make each week, maybe a home training plan, a personal training session or a run outside
By identifying your obstacles early on you limit your space for excuses.
Excuses are ultimately what separate you from achieving your goal.
It comes down to choice…nobody can force a healthy lifestyle upon you, you have to choose it for yourself and ultimately when all is said and done and you are armed with the knowledge and tools you need only you can be held responsible for achieving what you set out to do.
Remember why you started and don’t give up until you get it!