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CHFITNESSAn early morning Bootcamp based at CHFitness gym in Saltney is launching Thursday 3rd April, 6.30am!

This early morning class will whip you into shape before you’ve even had a chance to wake up!

A mixture of resistance and cardio training that will incinerate fat and tighten your whole body…are you ready?

No need to book, just come along to the gym- no membership required to take part in the class- just £4.50 pay as u go or £35 for a block of 10.



Comitting to your fitness goal

The difference between wanting to achieve your fitness goal and actually achieving it is simple…you just do it!
If you have a bad day, you still hit your training session hard, if not harder. If you’re feeling tired you fuel your body with healthy clean food instead of a junk food fix. You’re going out to dinner for a friends birthday, you can still order a healthy meal instead of using it as an excuse for a blowout.
If you find yourself always saying “I’d like to…” Try saying “I’m going to” for a change.
Make the decision to change and then do it!
Identify all your possible obstacles before you set out to achieve your goal and then come up with your solutions so you have no more excuses.
For example if you know you struggle with childcare and can’t make a certain class every week then don’t plan it in as part of your training diary- schedule something you can stick to every week no matter what. maybe a class you can make each week, maybe a home training plan, a personal training session or a run outside
By identifying your obstacles early on you limit your space for excuses.
Excuses are ultimately what separate you from achieving your goal.
It comes down to choice…nobody can force a healthy lifestyle upon you, you have to choose it for yourself and ultimately when all is said and done and you are armed with the knowledge and tools you need only you can be held responsible for achieving what you set out to do.
Remember why you started and don’t give up until you get it!

new highly accurate body measurement device

It’s important when training to be able to track your progress as accurately as possible that’s why we’ve invested in a new medical grade measurements system to provide our clients with the most reliable measurements we can possibly offer.
Whilst weighing yourself on the scales can give you a rough idea of your progress it does not take into account your body fat percentage, your lean muscle mass or your water retention.
You may have also seen the machines in some health stores, pop a 50p in, step on the board and you get a print out of your results…don’t fall for it, again this method is highly inaccurate as the current is only able to travel through your bottom half- a current will always take the shortest route it can to ground itself, our new device will run from your hand, up your arm and down your leg, taking into account your whole body’s composition.
In the past we have used fat calipers, and whilst these are more accurate than the scales there is still room for human error and the added inconvenience of being measured in several areas and taking up time from your training sessions.
Our new system will take 2 minutes and only require you to remove your shoes and socks!
The analyser uses the scientifictetrapolar method of four electrodes which are applied to the right side of the body on the hand, wrist, foot and ankle. On entering all the parameters and restingin supine position with hands and legs slightlyapart, the Maltron BF-907 is activated. The processing power of the machine analyses the data and displays the statistics within seconds.

TARGET FAT%(min/max)

We are excited to be able to offer this service to Personal Training clients, class participants and non clients.
Get in touch for more information or to book your measurements