quinao por

Fruity clean and lean quinoa for breakfast!

For a twist on a traditional porridge breakfast why not give this dish a try- high in protein and antioxidants, it also provides you with good quality complex carbohydrates making it a great choice for breakfast and kick starting your metabolism!

The following recipe serves 2.

  • 250ml of almond milk
  • 50g quinoa
  • 50g blackberries
  • 50g blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped pecans
  • a spoon of zero fat Greek yoghurt each to finish the dish.


  • In a saucepan bring the almond milk to the boil and stir in the quinoa, reduce heat and simmer gently for 10 minutes or until most of the milk has been absorbed.
  • Remove from heat and stir in the berries and pecans
  • split mixture into 2 bowls and serve with a spoon of greek yoghurt on top
  • (option) sprinkle with cinnamon

Eating clean for weight loss

Eating clean is not only a great way to stay in shape and aid weight loss but it’s a health benefits are more than I could even list!

Eating clean is not a “diet” and unlike most “diets” it is completely maintainable and a great change for your whole family.

Eating clean is exactly that- cleaning up your diet! It’s removing anything toxic or processed allowing your body to function better and promote good health. Those who eat clean can not only expect to see good results physically but will feel healthier mentally, less sluggish, will sleep better and even feel happier.

For clients specifically looking to reduce their body fat we design a bespoke clean eating plan that the whole family can follow and we like to get specific! We ask you to draw up your weekly schedule, list all your family likes and dislikes, allergies, intolerances and then we design a plan that we know you can follow long term. If you have nights where you have just 20 mins to prepare a dinner for the whole family then that’s what we’ll work to…we want you to succeed and we will ensure your program is personalised and achievable.

We teach you how to prepare and plan your meals to avoid you making poor eating decisions when hungry and unprepared. By arming you with all the tools you need we make sure our clients achieve their weight loss goals.

If you are interested in personal training in Chester or would like to find out more about our assessment package then simply fill out the contact form via our website and we’ll get in touch soon.


Muscle up protein muffins!

We are always on the lookout for healthy, clean eating protein snacks and more often than not they are so expensive to buy so we’e been experimenting with different recipes for flapjacks, breads, muffins and this one was the best by far! They are packed full of nutrition and will be quick and convenient for a protein snack on the go!
Play around with the recipe to find one that you love, you can make this snack lower calorie by using skimmed milk, dropping the dates and maybe even the honey. Why not try adding some crushed nuts to the mix? Play around until you find a taste that you love!

1/2 cup of wholegrain flour
1/2 cup of spelt flour
4 tablespoons of oatbran
4 tablespoons of rye flakes
1 spoon of baking powder
2 x sachets of ground flaxseed (Holland and Barratt)- (you can even get ones with cocoa or pumpkin in too)
4 scoops of your protein powder, we used banana…mmmmm
2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds

3 x egg whites
1 x egg white
1 cup of milk (use skimmed for lower calorie option)
1 tablespoon of organic honey
1 x mashed ripe banana
5 x roughly chopped dates (these are high gi so leave them out if you want a lower calorie option)

So easy to make…
preheat oven to about 180.
beat up the eggs and mix up all the wet ingredients, slowly adding the dry ingredients as you go and making sure the mix is, well…fully mixed!!
Spoon ou the mixture evenly into 12 cupcake/ muffin cases and heat in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown and ENJOY!!!