10 foods for a flat belly

Nutrition is just as important if not more on your quest to a flat tummy, here’s what you need to know…

Protein raises your metabolism more than carbs, other foods such as green tea act as a thermogenic, meaning you actually burn calories whist eating them. And then there are fats; whilst they all contain the same number of calories (9 per gram) some build belly fat and some fight it.

So what to choose?…Here are 10 foods that can help reduce abdominal fat. Whilst they will certainly not replace your hard work and a commitment to clean eating, adding them to your diet on a regular basis can really make a difference!

1) Swiss chard- Dark green vegetables are a clean eating staple and swiss chard is the very best. A one cup serving provides 214% of your daily value of vit A, and over 700% of your daily value of vit K. it’s also a great source of vitamins C and E, iron, calcium and magnesium, all wrapped up in a 35 calorie package!
For great abs eat 3-4 oz 3 times a week
swiss chard

2) Rainbow trout- if you are sick of salmon then Rainbow trout is a great alternative as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that not only help keep your heart healthy but are great for your metabolism, boosting your immunity and help prevent energy dips.
For great abs eat 3-4 oz 3 times a week
rainbow trout

3) Quinoa- One of the best carbs around! One cup of cooked quinoa provides 220 calories of energy, 8g of protein and 5g of fiber. it’s also a great source of magnesium, iron, zinc and folate.
For great abs eat 3-4 oz 3 times a week

4) Low fat ricotta cheese- This is a great alternative to cottage cheese and plain yoghurt if you’re a bit bored of it! weather you use it as a recovery snack after training or as part of a clean dessert, low fat ricotta is lean, protein rich and an excellent source of calcium.
For great abs 1/2 a cup 3-4 times a week

5) Cherries- These are great for your abs and are so delicious! The key component is anthocyanins which also give cherries their red color.
For great abs eat 1/2 a cup a day

6) Cocoa- Pure unsweetened cocoa is loaded with antioxidants! But instead of enjoying in a bar of chocolate try stirring in a tablespoon into pasta sauces or chili. it adds a delicious complexity to otherwise predictable dishes.
For great abs eat 1-2 tablespoons 3 times a week

7) Turkey- Lean and very clean! turkey is a great alternative to chicken, 25g of protein per 100g and is also a source of zinc, selenium and vit B.
For great abs eat 3-4 oz 3-4 times a week

8) Avocados- Although these are fairly high in calories (150 per 1/2 avocado) the monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado actually seam to fight belly fat.
For great abs eat 1-2 avocados a week

9) Jalapenos- They are known for their thermogenic affect and are great for adding flavor to your clean eating dishes. Because you use such small amounts they are also virtually calorie free!
For great abs eat 1/2 teaspoon a day

10) Green Tea- famous for it’s antioxidants called catechins green tea is a great thermogenic food that doubles as a disease fighter. while drinking a single cup won’t give you washboard abs, making it your warm beverage of choice certainly doesn’t hurt!
For great abs drink up to 6 cups a day
green tea

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