week 2 of my summer kickstart program- 4% fat loss this week!

So after a slow start last week I was so happy to have lost 4% body fat this week! all the extra effort seams to be paying off and not only have I lost body fat but I’m feeling so much healthier already.
The major change for me personally has been in my diet as I exercise regularly already, so it was about making clean eating choices and trying to eat smaller portions on a more regular basis to keep my metabolism burning and my energy levels high to keep up with my 10 month old.
I’m not going to lie it hasn’t been easy, there has been alot of temptation along the way and often when you are tired and on the go it’s tempting to reach for a sugary snack but I have managed to control my craving and plan all my food ahead so I can make sure I’m making the right choices.
I feel it’s also become easier as I’m becoming a bit more experimental with my food so by adding different spices or something as simple as lime juice over your chicken it can change a dish from being bland and boring to fragrant and fresh, that way you still enjoy your food.
I’ve been drinking lots of green tea and water which is definitely helping with my energy levels.
To find out more about our Summer Kickstart program and how it can help you, drop us an email from the contact us page and book a free consultation…a 4 week program to get you on track that I’m proving works!

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