Grilled Chicken breast on a bed of crushed new potatoes and sliced greens

The photo doesn’t do this dish justice…it was delicious!
chicken dinner
What you need…
* New potatoes
* Sliced greens/ Swiss chard
* White onion or spring onions
* jalepenos
* Skinless chicken breast

How to make it…
* Season chicken to taste, we went with pepper, lime juice, mixed herbs
* Grill chicken until thoroughly cooked
* Steam potatoes until cooked through, adding greens towards the last few minutes
* Chop onion, jalepenos and add to cooked potatoes and greens, mix into a semi- mash!

This dish will take you approx 25 minutes with not much work involved at all, it tastes like comfort food but is totally clean eating. For weight loss we recommend reducing your potato portion and adding more sliced greens.

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