Smaller portions = smaller pants!

Exercise some portion control to get you into your skinny jeans!
If you don’t want to go as far as measuring out your food you can make one simple change by simply using a smaller plate! Swap that giant dinner plate for a side plate.
Just because you are now eating clean doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily loose weight you can also be a “clean over eater”
This of your stomach as a petrol tank…one tank full is all you need to fuel you, by overeating you will store that extra fuel as fat.
Slow your eating down, chew properly, take time to enjoy your food and listen to your body naturally telling you when you’re full. stop there.
A great general guide for portion control is shown below-
1 serving of lean protein should equal the palm of your hand
1 serving of complex carbs should equal one cupped hand
1 serving of complex carbs from fruit or veg should equal two hands cupped together.

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