Know your Nuts!


Nuts are without doubt a great snack- we advise them for many of our clients as they are not only easy to pack and carry around but the health benefits are also great.

By eating a small amount of nuts daily you can actually decrease your risk of heart disease by 29% and your risk of cancer by 11%!

ALMONDS- A rich source of monosaturated fats and vitamin E, ideal portion size around 20-24 nuts, around 161 calories

WALNUTS- Walnuts have the highest antioxidant levels of all nuts, however eating them in their raw form keeps these levels high as heat can reduce their quality, ideal portion size around 14 halves, around 183 calories

CASHEWS- Cashews contain twice the amount of iron found in mined beef! But make sure you avoid the extra calories of honey roast or flavoured and eat them plain, ideal portion around 16 nuts, 155 calories

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