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Top tips for a healthy mind and body

Here are a few helpful pointers to keep you on track-

  • Wake up and drink 1 large glass of water straight away with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime
  • Always aim to eat within 1 hour of walking up to avoid the body becoming stressed
  • Eat a balanced breakfast that includes a balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats to kick start your metabolism.
  • Green veg is great for you- the darker the better! Kale and spinach are both a great choice.
  • Nuts and seeds can make great snacks as long as you control your portion size
  • Yoghurt neutralises acidity that is caused by stress- opt for a natural organic choice.
  • A clean eating plan stuck to your fridge door will help you stay on track and avoid making bad choices.
  • The darker the fruit the better- the darker the skin the more antioxidants they contain.
  • Avoid eating over ripe fruit. the riper the fruit the more sugar it contains meaning you have a higher chance of storing that excess sugar as fat.
  • If it couldn’t swim, fly, run or grow from the land then don’t eat it!!
  • Eat local, fresh and in season to keep your food tasting great and reduce the cost whilst supporting your community.


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