Family dynamics!

As some of you may know we had a new addition to our family last year, our baby girl, Mila-Rae.
It goes without saying, it’s been a fantastic experience and we are enjoying every second with our girl but I have to say I now know where those new parents are coming from when they say “I have no time to train” or “I’m too tired!”…trust me I feel you! It’s had it’s challenges but finally after 7 months it feels like we are starting to find a new routine that enables us to train consistently again.
By no means am I saying we’ve gone back to how we used to train, we’ve really had to adapt things! I no longer have the time to get to the gym and enjoy a nice long session taking my time, and enjoying a sauna afterwards! Instead it’s a case of planning out my week and dedicating myself to a more time efficient program that includes fitness classes and short intense home training sessions.
Our changes have inspired us to adapt the way we work too, we now understand that time is a huge issue for so many people when it comes to exercise and so now we offer home visits aswel as ½ hour metabolic blast sessions which enable you to work just as hard but in a condensed workout that research has proved to be highly effective.
Our aim is to work around you, to fit in with your lifestyle and on your timeframe.
It can be done, we are living proof and we can help you make it happen too!


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