Nachos…the clean version!

Being a healthy eater doesn’t mean depriving yourself of delicious food, it’s about getting creative and choosing cleaner alternatives.
You will need….
Wholemeal wraps,Turkey/ chicken mince,chopped tomatoes,onion,peppers,avocado,fat free yoghurt,jalapenos.

*Take your wholemeal wraps and cut them into triangles (you can season to taste…paprika, herbs etc)
*Bake on a preheated tray at 180 degrees until they begin to crisp (not long at all)
*Brown your mince with chopped onions and add spices/ herbs to taste…we like it spicy!
*Once mince is cooked through add your chopped tomatoes and peppers and heat through
*Spread your baked wrap triangles evenly on an oven safe plate
*Cover evenly with your mince
*Add your toppings to taste…chillis/ jalapenos/ avocado
*Bake in the oven for a further 3-5 mins
*Place your fat free yoghurt on the side for dipping……AND ENJOY!

…delicious nachos…no guilt! Enjoy Oxygen Training fitties!

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