Will lifting weights make a woman bulky?…NO!…read why…

More women are lifting weights that sticking to constant cardio sessions compared to 15 years ago, but do women build muscle the same way as men? The answer is simply, no!


One of the main reasons men and women build muscle at very different rates is because of the muscle building hormone Testosterone. Men naturally have much more of this than women.
Doing the same workout as you man isn’t going to morph you into a bulky beefcake!
So ladies, do not be afraid of lifting weights, the benefits are endless….

*You will loose body fat
*You gain strength without bulk
*You will look you with and without clothes on! Skinny girls might look good in clothes but FIT girls look good naked!
*You decrease your risk of osteoporosis
*You will improve your athletic performance
*You reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis
*You will reduce your risk of heart disease
*You will reduce your risk of diabetes
*It improves you attitude, mood and can help depression and anxiety.

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