We are very pleased to announce our new Boxercise class in Dodleston Village Hall.
Every Sunday, 10.30am- 11.30am


Boxercise is an awesome workout for many reasons…
* It works on your fitness, body tone and burns ALOT of calories all in one class
* It’s great for stress relief- take out all your frustrations on the pads and you feel so much better!
* It’s addictive! Once you learn those combos, build up speed and strength it’s a great feeling!
* it’s interactive and dynamic- every class is different and will challenge you each time
* It’s a great opportunity to meet some lovely people!

What can you expect from a Boxercise class?…
Every class is different to keep you challenged and make sure you’re progressing but you can expect some shadow boxing to teach and recap on the punches and combos, some pad work partnered up with different classmates and Evan (our registered Boxercise Instructor) some circuit style exercises that are boxing based and some challenges and team exercises.
Boxercise gives you a full body workout and is especially good for toning upper body and burning fat.

Try it and love it!
Check out our class timetable for your nearest Boxercise class in Chester and surrounding areas, if you don’t find a time to suit you how about a one to one personal training session?

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