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Zumba your way to a six pack!

Twist, shake and shimmy your way to a six pack!
Zumba is a blend of Latin and international rhythms that is seriously addictive!
We combine fast and slow rhythms to create interval training routines with hidden resistance training…you won’t even realize you’re doing it!
While lifting your knees to the addictive beats you contract your transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis, lunges with alternative shoulder shrugs engage external and internal obliques.
Then there’s the side salsas and merengue steps which require you to squeeze your abs whilst bending your knees, holding your arms overhead and sidestepping whilst shaking your hips…a great move that hammers the external and internal obliques, glutes and quads…in other words your saving yourself from doing hundreds of crunches and toning your legs and lifting your bum all at the same time…best thing is you won’t even realize you’re doing it! you’ll be too busy having fun!
It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you have, what age you are or even if you have two left feet, Zumba is for everyone. The moves in our classes are fully adaptable and lower impact moves are on offer for anyone who is building up their fitness.
What are you waiting for…get to a class today and party your way to a six pack!
We have classes in and around the Chester area and are available for company team building days, parties, charity events and more!

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