A kiwi in the morning may be the latest secret to flat abs!
kiwi has been named the most nutritionally dense fruit which is great news for all you fitties as many of the nutrients found in this fruit support your muscle building and fat blasting workouts!


Here’s what you get….

One kiwi can provide the steady energy required for a good run- thanks to it’s low GI of just 47!

kiwis are loaded with vitamin C- you can get your day’s worth in just one kiwi!

1 kiwi provides 6% of your daily value for copper, a mineral that works closely with iron on oxygen metabolism both at rest and during training.

A kiwi packs just as much potassium as a banana!

Kiwis are a great source of magnesium- a mineral that plays a role in protein production, muscle contraction and energy processing during exercise.

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