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No matter what your weight, tightening your middle could mean a healthier you!
You may not be overweight but still have a “muffin top” that you just can’t seam to shift.
Studies show that fat around your stomach carries serious health risks, women with “love handles” are more likely to be susceptible to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom! There’s loads you can do to stay out of the danger zone…follow these tips to blast fat, tighten up your mid section and be your healthiest.

1) Be sugar savvy- To get rid of belly fat you need to read your food labels. it’s simple- simple sugars can make you fat! many processed foods contain hidden sugars so stick with a clean diet and avoid products with the following words on the labels- fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, honey, liquid sugar, invert sugar, syrup, galactose, dextrose, dextrin, corn syrup solids and molasses.

2) Vary your training- Spending hours doing crunches is not the way to get a flat belly, it is not possible to spot reduce fat, therefore a much better approach is whole body training and don’t be afraid to mix it up- Boxercise, Zumba, Bootcamp or a tailor made personal training session for your specific goals.

3) Make friends with fat- the right kind of fats! Individuals who eat the right sorts pf fat are less likely to store abdominal fat. a diet rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is great for your health. Try pistachios or almonds as a snack, but keep it to a small handful.

4) Fill up on fiber- By eating veggies, fruit and wholegrains you can loose belly fat without feeling deprived. Add more fiber rich food to your diet by filling up on brown pasta or rice, plenty of veg and some fruit.

5) Eat smaller portions, more often- This will fire up your metabolism, leading to greater calorie burn and won’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived.

6) Go green!- Consuming a drink containing green tea catechins will help promote fat loss. Hello green tea!

7) Rethink your drink!- Alcohol and specifically wine may increase abdominal fat and fat stores in general and is full of empty calories.

8) Increase you cardio intensity- Go beyond steady state cardio (your average jog) Interval training can add some serious punch to you belly shrinking program! So get to Bootcamp, Zumba or Personal training for some high intensity interval training!

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