Why I’m doing my own Summer Kickstart Plan


So as many of you may already know 10 months ago I had a baby girl by emergency c-section. This of course meant that I couldn’t get straight back to my training.
During the time after the birth I lost much of my muscle mass, core strength and fitness- of course it goes without saying this was totally worth it for our gorgeous healthy baby girl!
I took it really easy for the first couple of weeks, just gentle walks as my scar was still healing. Over the first couple of moths I slowly build up the walks, increasing time and speed. I took each day as it came, listened to my body and gradually progressed until finally in January I was able to return to teaching my classes at Oxygen Training.
It felt great to be back, not only to be back to training but to see everyone again, it was great! Since January I have gradually been reducing my body fat percentage through teaching Zumba, Total Tone and Run Club. We tend to be active as a family, going on lots of walks and swimming together but now I have reached a plateau, my body has adapted to the exercise I have been doing and it’s time to crank it up a notch and what better way to do it that with the Oxygen Training Summer Kickstart Package!
4 weeks of immersing yourself in a healthy lifestyle to give you the best possible start in your new fitness routine.

* 4 x personal training sessions- at home, in the gym or outdoors
* Unlimited Oxygen Training classes for 4 weeks- choose from Zumba, Bootcamp, Boxercise, Run Club, Total tone, Stretch & Relaxation.
* A personalized home training plan to follow thereafter to keep you on the right track
* A personalized nutrition plan that we design to fit your lifestyle
* Weekly body fat % measurements to track your progress

So over the next 4 weeks I’ll be following this exact plan, my husband will be training me once a week to push me to my limits, I’ll be teaching 5 Oxygen Training classes each week, I have a healthy eating plan to follow daily that takes into consideration my personal situation- I am still breastfeeding, I don’t have time to cook separate meals for myself. I am also following my own personalized home training plan that is tailored toward my personal goals- reducing body fat percentage, regaining lean muscle mass and increasing core strength.
I will be sharing with you each weekend my % fat loss, clean eating recipes, fitness tips and motivation.

30 days can make a monumental difference- start today and next month you will be so glad you did!

We offer a free consultation for anyone interested in this program, please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book your consultation.


We offer Personal training in and around the Chester area- home, gym, outdoor or even work sessions available.

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