Summer Kickstart week 1

So I’m nearly through the first week of my Summer Kickstart plan and so far I feel I’m doing fairly well- although the truth will be in my body fat measurements later today.
The hardest part for me has always been clean, healthy eating and making sure I don’t forget to eat when I’m running around..I also have a weakness for red wine and chocolate!
I knew that when I started the plan last weekend I was going to have certain obstacles that i would come up against but through planning I managed to avoid making bad food choices at the last minute.
For example I knew I had a busy week ahead with long periods away from home so on the nights when I was home I would not cook 2 chicken breast but cook a large pack of 6 so the next day there was a healthy meal, cooked, ready for me to grab quickly. I also stocked up on quick healthy food such as low fat cottage cheese, ryvita crackers so that when I was short on time I could just grab that.
It’s all about making your plan as easy as possible that way it’s so much more achievable to stick to. Take 10 minutes before you go and do your food shop to think about your plans for the week ahead, what you’re going to have time for and if you’re on the go what foods you can plan to take along with you.
I’ve also increased my water intake, we hear constantly about how important it is to stay hydrated however I know myself that I have to make a conscious effort to remember to drink otherwise I can easily find myself going hours without water. I’ve managed to consume 2 litres a day every day this week and although i have a teething baby on my hands I can definitely feel that I have more energy and feeling far less lethargic than I normally do after our sleepless nights!
However I do have to hold my hands up and admit I did drink a glass of red wine on a weekday which is absolutely not in my plan, my aim is to avoid alcohol completely through the week and indulge in one glass at the weekend.
On the up side every meal and snack has been clean, healthy, nutritious and I am enjoying is so much! Knowing that the food I’m putting into to my body is going to benefit me and my baby is motivation enough for me and it’s something we are enjoying together…lovely ripe avocados, juicy blueberries, greek yoghurt! and it’s about getting creative with your food, we’ve been trying warm salads, wholemeal wraps, sweet potato wedges, turkey mince bolognaise…and herbs…and spices…they make ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Experiment with different flavors and you can discover that you really can still enjoy your food, knowing that is is great for you.
As for exercise I added an extra yoga class, outdoor battling ropes session and gym session to my usual routine which also has been really enjoyable.
I went to yoga with my friend so it was also a great chance to catch up on the drive there and lovely to have some quiet time in the class, i found it really relaxed me and it was great to feel a different type of exercise to what I’m used to as it’s so important to keep challenging your body.
So later i will update you with my body fat percentage measurement results…fingers crossed for me!

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